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Travel Vaccines

It's been on the 'To-do' list for a couple months now, but finally today we were able to put the hectic family schedule aside and make it out to the local Health Department to start our immunizations recommended for traveling to Ethiopia.

My hubby isn't a needle fan, at all, so he was anxious, although the outsiders' perspective from the following pictures make it out that he was as cool as a cucumber and that I seem a mess! Truth is, everyone did fine really, and our daughter did well too.  Her arm ached a little this evening, but there were no tears over the shots, just a feeling of excitement in getting one step closer in preparing to meet the new children in Ethiopia!

Today we started our Hep. A, and all received our typhoid vaccine.  Todd started his Hep. B too and will continue with that 3 shot series.  So glad to have that checked off the "To-Do" list!

What vaccines did you get?  Glad you asked!  We all had our Hep A, Hep B, and typhoid, along …

One Sought Me Walk

Announcing our next fundraiser for the adoption!!!  Some great friends of ours and Todd and I have joined hearts and minds to put on this event scheduled for July 20th 2013!! God has truly guided us every step of the way! The walk will be held at at 8:30 a.m. at the Frostburg Glendening Park, Lions Pavilion as we will walk the course around the park.Following the walk there will be an awesome brunch provided by Chick-fil-A LaVale Country Club Mall and Crumbs and Creme Bakery!  Visit to learn more and to register today! 

Hosea 14:3 "In you the orphan finds mercy."

The need is great, the numbers are vast, and the consequences of our actions reach eternity- the children, the orphans, are the ones suffering from our indifference their unheard pleas for help.  There are over 153 million orphaned children world wide; 10 million that live in institutions with no hope besides what is brought from abroad.  75% of families report that they have considered adoptio…

Adoption Fundraiser Report May 2013

Last month (April 2013) I posted (Find it here) about God's overflowing blessings and guidance that has been with us through our fundraising efforts! We are trusting and relying on God to help us to raise the estimated $45,000 costs for the adoption processes of two children from Ethiopia, including travel costs.  Whew! As you can read here, this is a huge leap of faith for us to take on this financial hurtle. But our God is in control, our God is faithful, and He will move these mountains!

Well, last month's fundraiser update post was a popular one and several people commented that they liked seeing how the funds were coming along and how they have helped!!

Talking about money isn't anyone's favorite subject, but when the talk gives glory to the great God we serve,  then the more we can show what He has done for us, the better! The heart-felt giving also reflects a great love that people have for others, for God's work, and especially their love for the little c…

Three Tickets Please

This little beauty, our oldest child, is coming with us to Ethiopia!  We took her today to apply for her passport!  Quinn will be 10 years old in late summer and although Todd and I would have loved to have her come with us to Ethiopia from first thought, we just weren't sure.  We have our own apprehensions about traveling to a foreign country, the flight, the foods, the planning, the safety of it all, but after researching, talking to others, and praying about it, we decided to give Quinn the option of coming with us during our second trip to Ethiopia.  Our first trip is for meeting the children and to appear before the court.  Then we return home while the children remain in the foster care home and their visas will be processed.  The second trip will be a few weeks maybe a month (hopefully) later to pick up the kids! Reasoning that Todd and I would have already felt things out during our first trip, and be able to better prepare Quinn for the big adventure, we asked her what s…

Revival Song - On My Knees

5/14/13 I woke up to 10 messages on my answering machine, the phone ringing, and my husband pulling into the driveway home from work at mid morning.  I knew right off the bat that something was wrong.  Although a few minutes earlier, in and out of my morning sleep, I remember praying for this glorious sunny day and thanking God for it.  
My husband comes in the door with a frazzled look on his face.  I hang up the phone with his secretary leaving a phone number and asking if Todd arrived yet.  "What is going on?" I asked.  Turns out that our home study agency sent us the wrong home study, the un-revised version last Thursday.  
Upon it's arrival I scanned the report and noticed that there were two dates incorrect.  I called the agency and they e-mailed me the corrected pages.  Well, this was the first clue that something was wrong.  You see, our adoption agency (different from our home study people) also made suggestions for alterations in the home study of which I neve…

Mother's Day 2013

The sun was shining and the kids were all playing in the yard.  The play-set was full and there was a line at the swings for the next rider.  The grass was freshly painted green by the coming of Spring and to prove it's durability came two beautiful children trampling on it from around the corner.  The children laughed and giggled with excitement as their daddy was chasing them.  Daddy was smiling so big and hunched over running after the children with that "I'm gonna get you" face like only daddy's can do.  The kids at the play set caught onto the excitement of the chase and yelled, "Run Tarik and Elsie!"

I'm tearing up as I type this to recall this dream I had.  You see, Tarik and Elsa are the names for the two children we haven't even met.  They are somewhere in Ethiopia waiting for arms to hold them, brothers and sisters to play with, and daddy to chase them across the lawn.  We love them so much and haven't even seen their faces or kn…

Heart of a Child

Our precious Quinn is nine years old. She has her own little miracle story of what God brought her through, and us through, to be our first child.  Ever since I laid eyes on hers, I felt so blessed to experience the love of being a mother.  Through her, I enjoyed my first Mother's day!    
Quinn has a sensitive heart and deeply cares for others.  She enjoys painting, coloring, photography, making jewelry, and any arts and crafts.  She loves horses and kitties, and enjoys her dance, and gymnastics classes. Quinn is a wiz at math and loves to read too.  She loves to learn about the Lord and holds scripture tight in her heart.  Her name means "blessing to all" and that she surely is! 
Quinn wrote this about an observation she had while taking pictures of the Spring flowers in our yard. 

I saw flowers on the bank in our yard. And then I walked over to look at them and I saw one that was different than all the others.  I thought of Elsa and how she'll be different than all t…

Home Study In Hand!

I nearly hugged the Fed-Ex man today but he slipped away too quickly before I could even open the door!  I did try to catch a picture of his truck though!!  The kids were like, "mom, you've really lost it. Why are you taking a picture of a truck?"  This isn't just any truck- it just brought our notarized original Home Study!! We've been waiting since February 9th when we were completed our requirements and now today on May 9th's here!!

So I open it up, take a look at the last page with the notary stamp, flip back to the front page to skim.....AHHH!  They made a mistake and have my son's birthday wrong! (again...we've already sent in 2 pages of mistakes during our editing and reviewing).  This is frustrating and disappointing but I know it'll get mended.  Just a minor bump in the road and not going to let it steal my joy that I have papers to touch!!! Yippeeee!!!

Last night I filled out the next step.  The I-600-a form which goes to t…

I'll Come for You My Love

This video changed my husband's and my life.  The message that is given here I can not even summarize to give it justice.  It is just a powerful video of truths.  Take a minute to watch and let it soak into your heart.
On Saturday our friend Jason performed a song that he had written about a father's heart.  The words say, "Hold on- I'll come for you my love.  "Hold on- I"ll come for you my love! I will run and not grow weary...a new day begins...I'll come for you no matter where you are! I'll lift every stone that's weighing down your heart... I was reminded of this video when it says, "you don't mess with a father's heart..put a concrete wall in front of me and I'll tear through it with my bare hands,"  when Jason's song says "I'll lift every stone that's weighing down your heart."
This is how passionate God is for His children.  One Sought Me is about this kind of purposeful and intentional love.  God…

Home Study Checked Off!

On February 9th 2013 Todd and I had completed all of our requirements and paperwork and visits for our home study to be complete.  We started late December and booked full our January with appointments to get the process completed.  All to hurry up and wait.  Under our contract with the home study agency they had up to 90 days to complete the report and have it to us.  Well, today is day 87 and after a few pressing e-mails and phone calls to "remind" them of this contract, tah-dah our home study is finally in the mail to us and due to arrive on Friday, day 90.  

My bible verse this morning, before I got this great news, was this:

2 Corinthians 4:18 "So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen.  For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever." 

With a commentary of this:  "Sometimes you make checklists for yourself to help you feel in control of your life.…

Blessed Our Socks Off!

Oh wow, I'm just speechless and stand in humility and amazement at God's people tonight and how they came out to this benefit event!!  These people are the physical representation on this earth of Christ's love that He holds for us. Love one another.

Isaiah 1:17 "Learn to do good.  Seek justice.  Help the oppressed.  Defend the cause of the orphans.  Fight for the rights of widows." 

What a celebration of life and a joining of pure hearts in unity of the name of Christ.  Todd and I are so very grateful to all those who came out and enjoyed this beautiful evening with us.  Thank you for being there in encouragement and in support. Thank you for sharing your hearts with us. Thank you for sharing in gifts to the adoption of these precious children!  They are already loved so very much and have a huge family through the body of believers waiting for them here!

Matthew 25:40  "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sis…

I Can Use You

This was from a devotional that I turned to today and it was so fitting for today (of course).  Today, May 4, 2013, is our Benefit on the Lawn Event that some amazing, kind-hearted, generous, and God-loving friends are putting on for the adoption.  Todd and I are both very excited to visit with friends and meet some new faces, but most excited to give this evening to the Lord for His glory.  For us, adoption is a story of Jesus's love and seeking to love others.  We are blessed and humbled to be able to serve Him and to share His message in this way.

Luke 1:37 "God can do everything!"

I am the mighty, all-powerful God.  NOTHING is too difficult for Me.  Yet, I choose to work through you-with all your weaknesses and struggles-to carry out My plans.  In fact, it is because you have weaknesses that you are able to receive My Power.  Your struggles teach you to depend on Me.

Don't be afraid if I ask you to do something that seems too difficult  Count on Me to give you al…

The Gospel Story of Adoption

Adoption is a reflection of the love story written by the Lord God.  He sought us- One- THE One and only God of creation sought me, loved me, and took me in to be called an heir to the throne, a daughter to the King of Kings!  "One Sought Me"

"We love because He first loved us!" 1 John 4:19 

Adoption means acceptance and love.      Pure love's example is seen through God.             God is love.

Love is giving; it's selfless, it takes risks, and many times, it takes us on a road less traveled and doesn't make much logical sense
Look of God's example of Love. He loved us so much that He:
1.  Created us (giving) He gave us life.  He thought of us and imagined us. He formed the first man from dust and woman from the rib of man and placed them in the garden. God formed you and me too. Why? So He could fellowship with man.  So He could delight in His creation and for His creation to delight in Him. 
Isaiah 44: 24 "This is what the Lord says-your Red…