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Adoption? Go.

Let's Do This!   

And what’s one more, or even two, when there is already a crew? Yes, we are on a mission to adopt internationally! What’s one more load of laundry on a Saturday afternoon, one more plate at the table, one more picture on the wall, one more hug good night?  It is hope, a dream come true, and love that may never have been known before to one precious child.  One matters and we want to be the change for one. 

“We love because He first loved us.” I John 4:19  Join us in our journey to adopt!  Stop in any time, browse around, we’ll share with you!

Go Time.

God first softened our hearts for adoption when the kids and I, Erin, were learning about an orphanage in Haiti during our church's vacation bible school.  Each day a video clip was shared and information presented on the needs of these children and the honorable missionaries who gave them care.  The collection plate was passed around each night.

The hustle bustle of rushing through dinner, gathering shoes for the kids, and hoping to be out the door on time to arrive to bible school, I quickly grabbed a handful of change from the coin jar so the kids could participate in the offering.  Not wanting to forget anything on my checklist to get to church, I forgot something way bigger - what "offering" truly means.  I held a few nickels in my hand that night as the plate was passed and prayed forgiveness for my selfishness, ignorance, and lack of compassion.  I felt my spirit cry and say, "Nickels?  Really?  That's all you could give? That's all you could offer as a sacrifice to these orphans - to God's precious children who are desperate for care?"

That was my moment.  It hit me hard, that tug of the Lord.  And yet, I talked myself out of it explaining to God that I did enough already: gave up my career to stay home with the kids, gave my time to home school, gave my wish list away to be a one income family...well that didn't last long and He set me straight.  He pointed me to Hosea 6:6 and His words say, "I don't want your sacrifices, I want your love; I don't want your offerings, I want you to know me."  He doesn't want my list of 'I do this and that,' He wants my love and to be understood.  Who is He and how can I know Him?  God is Love. We can know Him by His example of Love found in His word, the Bible. Love others? We can do that.  We can give that to His children in need.

I John 4:16 "We have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him."

Continually God has confirmed that the decision to adopt is right for our family and we will continue to obey, trust, and learn more about His love. We learn through doing.  Love is an action, not just a phrase. So as we "go" on this adoption journey, it is more specifically a journey of Love.


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Details, Details, and What Can We Do?

It's a girl!  Thank you for the excitement and prayers of joy for us as we announced our next adoption!

We have kept our finger on the pulse in the adoption world since bringing home our son, and all I can contribute finding out about this adoption is by the direction of God the Father.  He "places the lonely in families!" - Psalm 68:6 

I know that everyone is anxious to know more details, trust me, I know it's part of the excitement to hear the scoop! What I can say is that she is 7 years old and very petite.  She has brown eyes, brown curly hair, and beautiful brown skin.  Her smile is contagious and her eyes show that she is spunky inside of that tiny frame.  She loves to laugh and eat pie!

What I can't say is all of her story.  It's very complicated, emotionally complex, broken. And at her age of understanding all that is going on around her, well, it's her story and we want to respect that privacy for her.  While this is a time of joy and celebration…

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It's a girl!!  We cannot wait to bring our little girl home, hold her in our arms, and provide her with a safe, healthy, and loving family as she grows.  She is 7 years old and with a complicated past, our newest child needs to come home as soon as possible.  She will need prayers as she adjusts and heals.  We will need prayers for strength, understanding, and God's covering to be over us as we walk beside her.  Please commit this to your daily prayers.

Our family has already been busy taking steps of faith and has begun this process.  For the remaining costs of legal fees and travel, we are asking for you gifts to join into this blessing of adoption! When you give financially, you become invested in the ministry of orphan care along with us.  Our fundraising goal is a remaining $13,000 to bring our daughter home.

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