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Paper Mistake Update!

Remember when our home study papers were mailed through to the next level in the paper trail process with mistakes in it??  Some of the story is here. After flipping out ( just a bit of panic), the revisions were made by our home study agency, but all too late.  The revised papers had to be mailed behind the wrong papers that had already been mailed out to the government offices.

The wrong papers were headed to the US Department of Homeland Security and would continue on for our requests of bringing in non-US children to the country.  Kinda a big deal, right?  This mistake would have shown up during the time we were in Ethiopia and at the US Embassy requesting the visas for our children (oh my word! Not a time to find an error in the paper work!)

We had to wait until x number of days until we could make the final confirmation that the papers were actually revised and that at all the stops along the way (I think 3 or 4 offices).

Well, today I called the National Visa Center and confi…

Week 9 and 10 Wait

Welcome to our family countdown as we are counting the weeks until we get our referral of the children we will be adopting from Ethiopia!  We are requesting the blessing of 1 boy and 1 girl sibling group in the age range of 0-5 years old.  Our agency has been in contact with us and I know that they are looking for us to match us with these two precious children that will soon be grafted in to our family! 
This marks the beginning of week 10, and as week 9 rushed past us with the start of our home schooling year, we still do not go a day without talking about the new children, thinking of them, and praying for them.  
This week in our schooling we were beginning our Social Studies class with an overview of the continents and oceans.  Little Buggy, age 5, wrote on her map's continent of Africa "I want to see you."  It was precious!  She is longing to see her new sister and brother and she speaks of them often. "I bet they will like pancakes.  I think they will think …

Happy Smiles!

We are thankful to Dr. W. for donating this box of toothbrushes for us to take to the foster home in Ethiopia!  Dr. W. is friend of ours, a talented dentist, and of course our family dentist.  He was kind enough to donate!
Here is little Buggy being so brave!  Big brother was so encouraging to her.  He sat beside her and said, "it's alright, I'm right here."    
Here's to clean teeth in Africa!!

Gathering Goodies!

Thanks for stopping in!  My family is on a journey to adopt two little ones from Ethiopia and though we are on the waiting list for them, we don't know their faces or their little personalities yet, but we love them dearly already!!

Praising God that our expected budget funds have been raised we are now working on donations to take to the orphanage and gifts for the nannies and staff that are right now caring for our precious children! Read Here and Here to see what the Lord has brought us through!

A couple weeks ago my daughters and I worked on gift bags for the near 35 nannies!  Here is what we made:

We found a great deal on little perfumes and lotions then we added a cute notebook, nail clippers, nail file, and hair ties too.  I hope they like it!  Functional and cute right?  For the gentlemen on staff we found a gift box with a nice neck-tie.  Looking forward to the day we load these up on the plane! 

Join us to pray for those who are caring for children in orphanages all ar…

Week 8 Wait

Expecting this week to be a 'no news' week, but we did have the confirmation that our dossier arrived in Ethiopia!!  We figured that it was already there with no problems, but it was nice to have a confirmation e-mail from our agency letting us know for certain.

What does that mean?  Well, the dossier it the big pile of papers that we collected over a few months of appointments, official documents, notarized, then state approved, then authenticated by the Federal government.....and after traveling all around the USA, it flew it's way over to Ethiopia!  That is it's final destination and it made it in one piece!!

Now what?  Now we continue to wait 'til one day we'll get an e-mail stating that a referral has been made! This will be the info of the kiddos!

Keep us in your prayers and pray for Tarik and Elsa as we dream of them and hope for them to come to us soon!!

Bible Verse for this week:  "Look at the new thing I am going to do.  It is already happening…

Week 5,6, and now 7!

Waiting, hoping, and praying earnestly as we go through this process of adoption of two siblings from Ethiopia.  Thanks for stopping in and thank you for praying for us, the kids, and for God's hand to continue to guide this journey! Thank you!

Week 5 just flew past as the family went on vacation to the beach!  We didn't have internet service and our laptop decided to die anyway.  So, I took the big 'hint' from the Lord and took a break from it all: facebook, blogging, e-mails, phones!  Actually read 3 books - yes, the paper kind! - spent tons of time with the kids playing and not being distracted by the calls of the world around me.  Todd and I shared a devotional together and time in prayer.  All nourishment for the heart and soul that was much needed! 

Our verse for week 5: (July 22, 2013) Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.  They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." 

Week 6 has followed sui…