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Prayers for Court!

Attention prayer warriors!  Please lift up our adoption case today and tonight as we prepare for the first of two court dates!!  This Thursday night (our time) will be morning time on Friday in Ethiopia.  Our case will be presented in court and either passed or requests made for further information.  Of course we are praying to be passed with no further delays or more paperwork requests!  PLEASE be praying as we need the power of God to shine His justice on this case for our dear boy.  God is so good and His timing is perfect!  He will prevail and give His grace!  We thank Him in ADVANCE for all that He has done and IS DOING to prepare the way for Tarik to come home!!!

Thank you for praying!!

Praise for Movement! First Court Date Set!

Praising God for His goodness and grace as we just found out yesterday that the first of two court dates has been set!  This first court date takes place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and involves those who have history with our son's case to testify that he is an orphan and available for adoption.  Todd and I do not travel for this court date.  May 29th is the date for first court, so be praying!!! After this date we will wait for a clearance signature from the officials and then the second court date will be set!!  This is the one where Todd and I get to travel, meet our boy, and claim him as our son!!  It's coming folks!  Please be praying that all goes well and that there are no more unexplained delays in the paperwork chain, courts, etc. etc. of whatever else can happen to delay our case.  God will make a way and prepare the path before us.  Prayers please, and thank you for lifting up our family and our new son as we persevere through this process!

Romans 8:38 And I am convinc…

Blessings from the Sparrows

God is so good!!! Let me tell you a story...

We are continuing to raise funds for the adoption as several costs have tumbled in during this extended process for us.  What once was proposed as a 12-18 month journey to adopt has turned into 2.5 years and counting. Updated paper work, fingerprints again, new appointments, mailing documents, etc. Each month we support Tarik's care while he is in the foster home of $350 a month.  With the latest movements in our process too, we have fees associated with those costs that are  $650.  It all is adding up as one month runs into another past our anticipated funds. (See our 2014 Fundraising Report here.  And our latest needs here.)

Just as I sit down and start to wonder how tight are things going to get, I get an email that another necklace order needs filled. And guess what? It will cover our next fee!  So thankful and once again just in awe of God's provision just when we need it!

Then a friend asks to hold a fundraiser sale for us a…