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The "firsts" that I don't want to share

The firsts that I don't want to share.

When we started our adoption process nearly 3 years ago, Christmas was always a mile marker.  We began in December 2012 and Christmas was always the one event that we wished for Tarik to be home.

"Maybe next Christmas" turned into "maybe next Christmas."  When asked when we thought that Tarik would be home, we'd say, "hopefully by Christmas." The holidays were hard in the waiting time and just wanting the family to all be together for those holiday moments pulled at our hearts.  

Finally, this year, 2015 was our first Christmas home with our new son!  And the reality of Christmas, couldn't have been farther from what I ever imagined of our first Christmas to be together.  It was Tarik's first Christmas home.  A time to celebrate and be joyful!  After all this time of waiting.  But it also turned into the first Christmas without my dad.  Not a 'first' I want to share.

My dad is a healthy, en…