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My First Father's Day with a Daddy

After the end of the school year rush of dance recitals, gymnastics show, cub scout honors, baseball, birthdays, summer starting...and all the sudden Father's Day is here and we are celebrating as a family...then it hits me - Tarik's never had a dad before.

He's never had a dad to say "Happy Father's Day,"  but this day, he does.  A loving daddy came for him. A daddy who longed for him and started searching for his child, even before the child was born. A daddy who planned, prepared, and promised to find his child no matter what the timeline, costs, or sacrifice.  Would a child actually come home?  Would we wait so long?  Would our family dynamics change?  What about the financial costs?  Would the child love in return?  Yes. This daddy said "yes."  Yes he would go and yes he would love courageously no matter what the risks or blind steps needed to take.  
I admire my husband and the father of our children.  His love for his children, all of them, …