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An Easter to Remember

This Easter 2014 will be one we will treasure in our family.  Every Easter is a special one in that this is the time that we remember, reflect, and celebrate the life of Jesus Christ- all that He was and is, all whom He loved and loves, and all the sacrifice that was offered for all people, even for me and my household.

There is much to share about how God has opened our eyes to the Gospel story (the good news of Jesus) through our journey to adopt.  More of that to come in the next few posts as we hold on to the Easter season.  But tonight I'd like to share some new of great JOY in our home!

Over the past week or so Todd and I have been reading the Bible stories leading up to the death of Jesus on the cross:  Palm Sunday, A House of Prayer, Religious Leaders, The Last Supper, The Traitor, The Garden, Peter, The Trials, and to the Death Sentence. On Good Friday, Todd was reading to the children about Jesus' death sentence and the Crucifixion (Matt 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John …

Strength for the Race

In an earlier post I was visiting a passage in James that encourages us in the midst of trials to "consider" it, or to BRING IT to JOY.  Visit here to read.  Today, I'd like to take a moment to soak in the following verse.

James 1:4 "But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing." 

Endurance.  When I hear that word the first thing that comes to my mind is running.  When I was in high school I ran on the track team - A distance runner.  Not by any means great at it, but my basketball and volleyball coach was also the track coach.  She encouraged us all to run on the track team in order to keep our bodies active and in shape for the other sports too.  Made sense. Track was my least favorite.  Dressed in the uniform of short shorts and a tank top and running with snow flurries flying just isn't enjoyable for me.  I don't know? I am crazy?  

I remember one track meet in particular was very cold.  I was runnin…

Necklace Sale for Haiti Trip

Again this Spring we are making Mama's Nest necklaces in efforts to raise funds for Erin's mission trip to Haiti this June 2014.  If you are interested in placing an order please visit our Etsy on-line store: 

All proceeds help fund Erin's trip in serving a week long outreach to Haitian kids ages 12-16 during a Bible school setting and ministering to the children at Alex's House Orphanage.  Erin, and the team she is traveling with, will be teaching bible lessons, songs, crafts, and doing activities with the children.

Please keep this trip in your prayers that the Lord will work through Erin, the team, and the staff at Alex's House to reach out to the children with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please pray for safety, good health, and the the energy needed for sharing and showing the Love of the Lord to the beautiful people of Haiti.  Read more about the trip at the "Hugs in Haiti" post.

Thank you…