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Court Update


Our agency called to tell us that we have another date in court to review our case!  This court date is for the Federal MOWA (Women's and Children's Services Officials) to present approval (hopefully!! PRAY HARD!) of the recently resubmitted paper.  At the first court review on May 29, one request was made for one updated document.  This document has been updated and turned in.  This court date is to review our case again and be sure all the documents are now approved.  We do not attend court at this date BUT IF all the documents are approved on JULY 8th THEN our date to travel will be chosen on the 8th (and I'll be calling on the 9th to get news!!)  PLEASE be praying BIG TIME for the approval of our case on JULY 8th!  We aren't even going to talk about the alternatives and 'what if's' that could happen because we are believing, trusting, holding on, and ready for these last steps to bring us to our boy!

Since Ethiopia's time d…

Be Still My Heart

After nearly 3 years of being in this adoption process to bring our little boy home, 45 weeks of pictures, ups and downs, pleading prayers, praises, miracles, and sharing our hearts for the orphan care to anyone we meet, we are finally getting to the last STEP!!!

Our adoption case goes before the Ethiopian court prior to our arrival in Ethiopia.  At the court date, which was held on May 29th, there was a request for more information.  Yes, updated paperwork.  Thankfully, and truly grateful that the paper has been resubmitted to the courts!!  Now we wait.  Nothing new there right?  Well, we wait for ONE signature, ONE final approval before we get THE CALL to travel and meet our son!!!  

At this point we are packing our bags, and on pins in needles awaiting a phone call that could give us approximately 10-15 days notice before we are to be present in the courts in Ethiopia!!

PLEASE be praying as we are up against a deadline.  The ONE person who needs to sign our document is not 'i…