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Week 26 After Referral NEWS FLASH

Here we are 26 weeks after being matched with this precious little somebody who we long to hug, hold, and get to know as our son!  Through much waiting, paperwork, and waiting some more, we are moving forward in little steps and for this, we celebrate!!  Praise God for guarding, guiding, and His forever faithfulness through this journey!  Thank you for lifting us up in prayer and for our little boy, Tarik, being fresh in your prayers!

Every Friday we get an update on Tarik with his height, weight, and 2 precious photos! Those little feet are getting bigger, more teeth, and those cheeks!  Awh, he is a cutie!!

So where are we now??

Finally, 5 months after we were matched with our little boy, we got the papers needed from Ethiopia that were required to send on to U.S. immigration office/ USCIS to review our case. This process ensures, by U.S. standards, that Tarik truly is an orphan, adoptable, and will be allowed entrance into the United States.  This process can take months.  Well, …

Nebulizer Donations/Measles Outbreak Update

Happy NEW YEAR!!

We are very hopeful this year that this is actually THE year that we will meet our little guy and join him officially into our family! Praying, hoping, and trusting, but things are going well so far. Check in here. Just taking one more step forward is a huge PRAISE! Thank you for your continued prayers!

From the end of last year, if you remember, the foster home where our little one is staying had a Measles outbreak.  Read about it here. The children were having a difficult time with respiratory infections and complications with pneumonia and the Measles.  Many children were sick, over a dozen were hospitalized, and to my knowledge, there were 3 children who died.  A very, very sad situation and please be in prayer for those adoptive families faced with this difficult news.

During that time, our agency was collecting funds to send help to the foster home. Many of YOU helped in this effort to send supplies to the children in the foster home by donating money and nebul…