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Benefit Concert Thanks

Thank you for those who joined us either by prayer or by presence for the benefit concert that was held last night!  It was truly a blessing to be able to share what God has placed on our hearts for this adoption and to share in song about His love!

The kids didn't seem nervous one bit and the girls sang their solos while our son kept a sure and steady beat on his drum part!  It was fun to perform as a family and to put on this concert together in efforts to raise awareness about the world wide orphan crisis, God's heart for children, and our call to adopt.  I know the kids felt very special to participate in this event and to be personally involved in helping to bring their brother and sister home.

At times on stage, it was hard for me to keep a straight face as our 5 year old was just too cute with adjusting her microphone and flirting with the audience!  And to think I was worried that she'd get too nervous and not sing! I hope to post the video soon so you all can e…

Adoption Benefit Concert

A local church is teaming up with a local family to help bring a brother and sister home to Maryland from Ethiopia.
Local residents Todd and Erin Vogtman are a couple with a lot of love to give. Married for thirteen years, they met in college when both were studying to be teachers. In addition to now being a primary school teacher, Todd is a talented singer and guitarist. Erin, a gifted artist, spent years as a public school teacher as well and now home schools their four biological children.
Many see this family with four kids already and wonder at their interest in adoption—especially international adoption. But for Todd and Erin, it isn’t a matter of simply wanting more children, it’s a matter of wanting to improve the lives of children who otherwise would have nothing. “We believe that those who have much, hold much responsibility to give. And just living in this country puts us as some of the most privileged people in the world,” Erin says on her blog, One Sought Me. “Parenting is …

Reading Brings Us Together

This is a sweet moment that set the mood for the entire day!  This morning started out as a typical morning where we were all upstairs doing our morning jobs of making our beds, getting dressed, brushing our teeth, and reading our bibles.  As usual, I was the last one to get ready for the morning (because mom helps everyone else keep on task first).  I walked out of the room to get myself ready and came back to this!  My precious little ones were reading together in bed.  It looks like a set- up, I know, but it was a special moment and I just happened to have time to sneak downstairs to grab my camera.  The oldest, Quinn, loves to read and sets a great example to the younger children by sharing her passion for books!  I've got to send this photo in to Sonlight (home school curriculum) for their magazine promoting the joy of reading that truly resides in our home!

Sonlight?  Yes, we are a home schooling family and this year was our first year to use the Sonlight program. I have d…

Creating Ethiopian Connections

We are so excited to be learning more and more about Ethiopia!  God has brought people into our lives as only He could arrange.  We continue to meet more and more people within our local area that have beautiful connections to Ethiopia by people and country.

A couple months ago an old friend of mine reminded me of her college room mate, Jody.  Turns out, Jody lives and serves as a missionary in.....Ethiopia!  We have been in contact with Jody and her family and are looking forward to our future relationships with this family.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine met a new couple that just moved to town.  The husband is working at the local University and the wife is a new friend of mine, Alemitu!  Guess where they are from?  Ethiopia!
We were able to meet last week and she fondly shared with me about her country, culture, food, language, gender roles, religions...oh, it was insightful!!

A couple of days ago my neighbor connected us with his co-worker who had also adopted intern…

Seeking and Speaking

You know that God is directing your steps when everywhere you turn, He is repeating the same message. The songs on the radio, the devotional book that just arrived in the mail, the pastor's message on Sunday, a word from a friend, and more. I'm thankful that He is patient with me and continues to tell me over and over 'til I "get it" and have my "ahh-ha!" moment.  Just as a parent would gently remind their child to hang their coat up after coming in from the cold.  "Don't forget to hang your coat up."  "Honey, your coat is on the floor again."  "Coats belong on the hook or on our bodies, so hang your coat up." Well, God is there to guide us and patiently remind us of His promises and care.  Of course our hearts need to be seeking His ways, our thoughts are to be open to hear what He has to tell us, and discerning of the lies the enemy offers, but when we seek, we find where God is working and jump on board.

Galatians 5…

Along Came A Spider

While reading with my daughter we came across this true story during her home school lesson.  It was a  year ago, but the story has come to mind several times as a reminder of God's ever-present love and care. It is worth it to share and it goes like this: 

A man bowed to pray for his friends and fellow Christians who were recently arrested and imprisoned for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He prayed for the prisoners, and their families, and also for those who were persecuting the believers from their little church. The man was the pastor and had just closed the church service in that prayer.  Before the congregation was dismissed, two men slowly opened the doors of the church and exited carefully while scanning the area for soldiers who might be hiding nearby.  The men motioned for the others to come out and securely move to their homes in the nearby village.
Upon returning home, the pastor opened his bible to study when he was interrupted by a rapid knock at the door.  …

"Waiting for You" Adoption Photos

I bribed the kids with candy this morning so that they'd pleasantly smile and participate in a set of photographs I've been wanting to take.  Thankfully, they did great and we all had fun!  A major break-through for our track record of getting our photos taken.  Here are some cute shots of the bio kids waiting for their brother and sister to join our family!