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This 8 Week Old Baby Walks!

Celebrating and praising the Lord for bringing Tarik home!  Today marks 8 weeks that Tarik has been home in the United States with his forever family!  Everyday we thank our God for this precious gift through adoption!

Tarik is doing amazing! We can tell he is covered in prayer and that God's hand is upon him.  God's story in Tarik's life continues to unfold.

I can honestly explain these last 8 weeks best by comparing it to having a new born baby. We are new to each other.  And just like a new mom to a newborn baby, I am learning about my child.  What sounds he makes mean that he is happy.  What sounds and facial expressions translate to meaning he wants something, he's hungry, or getting bored with a toy.  Remember we don't speak the same language. What are his interests, his likes and dislikes, his food preferences, his temperament...and the list goes on and on.  It is my joy of a responsibility as a mom to learn about and respond to my son.

He is learning abo…