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Nebulizer Project- LOVE Mail

Hi friends and prayer warriors!  I am launching this quick post to ask for you help.  As many of you know, the foster home in Ethiopia, where our little boy calls home, is experiencing an outbreak of the Measles.  As far as we know, Tarik, is well and recovering from two recent bouts of Pneumonia.  We continue to pray for his health and strength, and thank you for your prayers!

Several of the children from the foster home have been admitted to hospitals there in Ethiopia. Please be praying for these little ones as they are experiencing respiratory complications from pneumonia and/or the Measles.  Some cases are very serious and 'touch and go.'  It breaks a mama's heart to know your little one is alone in a hospital half-way across the globe.

The medicines there are limited with no vaccines for the measles even available.  Our adoption agency is currently doing all they can to help the children.  The foster home is requesting nebulizers as this could help the children.

So Close Yet So Far Away. Week 11 Post Referral

Today was hilarious.  Just one of those days where it was laugh out loud, or just sink and cry.  

I was thinking about Ethiopia so much today that it was coming out my ears!!! No seriously. 

(Wearing these earrings today given to me by my friend, Alemitu, for my birthday.)
We have been waiting and praying for our next set of treasured paperwork to come to us via Fedex from Ethiopia.  We need these documents in order to continue forward with our adoption process of our little boy.  Until these are received, there is nothing we can do to get closer to bringing him home.  I stalk my FedEx account to see if it has been charged a shipping fee.  Every FedEx truck that we see out and about on the roads we (Ok, it's me.)  scream and say "come to our house!"  The kids get a kick out of it. 

THEN TODAY the FedEx Express truck pulls up to our driveway.  I glance at the door with that twinkle of hope that this time (after 5 gazillion times of looking out the door and hoping for the truc…