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A Little Glimpse To Carry On

Thank you so very much for your prayers for our family and for our little Tarik - our one year old who is soon to be an orphan no longer.  We love him from Ethiopia and back again!!

If you haven't visited our story/blog site before, please browse around so you can get to know us and the path that we are on, by God's calling to our family, to adopt.  It's a long story and there is more to it waiting to unfold!

Since December 2012 our family officially started the process to adopt internationally.  Through twists and turns, in July 2014 we were matched with a then 10 month old little boy who we named Tarik.  He is from Ethiopia and his name means, "I have a story to tell."

Every Friday our adoption agency graces us with a new photo and a health report of our little boy. Our family 'oohs and awhhhs' over his cuteness! We are grateful to the Lord for his strong health.

I just can't hide it anymore and I want to show you a sneak peek of this little fel…

Praying for a Breakthrough

It's been over 4 months since our referral of our now 1 year old little boy.  He is currently healthy and in a foster home in Ethiopia.  He is crawling, pulling himself up to stand, and maybe even starting his first steps.  He loves to smile, interacts with others, and laughs.  He is fed, clothed, and sleeps in a warm bed at night.  All these are amazing and wonderful things that we have learned about our boy from other families who have visited the foster home, and from our adoption agency representative who visits the foster home as well.  All a blessing, but, he isn't with his family.  There is a mom and dad, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers waiting for him to come home.  We love him already and he is constantly on our minds.  Each night for over 2 years we have prayed for this little boy to join our family.  God knew who he was before he was born, and even now God is watching over him for us.

So what's the hold up? We are waiting for paperwork.  One special paper needs to be…

Well, It Happened

Just let me go ahead and drop the bomb as not to keep you in any suspense that something wonderful has "happened" or that the blessed letter has come through....nope.

But this happened:

Our home study has expired and our USCIS for international adoption is on the brink of expiring.  In order to keep the the international adoption permission/USCIS renewed, we have to have our home study updated. (ok, I won't get too far in explaining all this because it just jumbles into it's own foreign language).  So, it happened. One year later and here we go again!  The doctor appointments, medical records, driving records, financial statements, fingerprints, and other goodies like that - yep, we did it again.  Our caseworker came to the house for another interview and I must say that our kiddos were golden sweet.  Everything went perfectly well and now to have that report all finalized and sent off to USCIS to renew for another year.  The second time around was cake compared to …

Orphan Sunday 2014

"Defend the cause of the fatherless..." Isaiah 1:17 ORPHAN SUNDAY and NOVEMBER is ADOPTION AWARENESS MONTH. Please pray for the babies, children, and teens all around the world who desperately wish to belong and be loved in a family! Learn more about Orphan Sunday/November at

Watch the official Orphan Sunday 2014 video here:

Share information with your church family and pastor to help raise awareness of Orphan Sunday/November Adoption Awareness Month and join in prayer together for the building of families through adoption and foster care.

Keep us in your prayers as we are still waiting for paperwork to be signed and delivered to us from the Ethiopian government.  The wait can get very frustrating at times as in our point of view, we just don't understand why things take so very long.  Every Friday we get a new picture and a health report of our little boy from our adoption agency.  It's a blessing to see him growing well …