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Week 22

Week 22 Waiting for Adoption News

We started off our countdown 'til the referral (news of the kids) with a numbered chart and a pile of index cards of bible verses that one by one have been randomly selected to be our "verse of the week."  Random in our eyes, but it has been amazing the way the verses have fallen into place and followed the beats of our hearts in what we have been dealing with for that week.

Not at all saying that waiting isn't hard, but I can say that we have found a new kind of peace with this wait.  Well, the adults in the house have as our little 5 year old said tonight, "Why is this adoption so slow? I want it to be like 'snap' and the kids be here." Cutie.  And yes, week 22 must seem like forever to a 5 year old!

Yet once again, the Lord has shown us something new about Him through this adoption process.  He has revealed in us another weakness and opened our eyes to a better understanding of His ways. This time, the answer …

A New Look at Week 20 and 21 Wait

Ok, so this wait is getting long huh?  We are on week 21 now of having our papers completed and registered in Ethiopia - meaning that on our end, we are ready for the kids! But, in Ethiopia, apparently they aren't ready for the Vogtmans!  Well, that or the processes and offices and agencies and orphanages and lawyers and such aren't getting the green lights to move forward with referrals.  Because actually, there are kids ready for us, ready for a family, ready for a warm home, love and care.  Just waiting for this to all come together!

If you recall, Ethiopia undertook a change in the laws and processes of international adoptions as of Sept. 1, 2013.  And we fall under this new change. The new and current law states that the children need to have evidence of their abandonment/relinquishment. The "change" is a yin-yang situation.  What I mean by that is, there is good and bad to this when it comes to waiting time.  Which would you like to hear first?  Ok, the bad (b…

Orphan Sunday 2013 has inspired us as adoptive parents and equipped us with resources and ideas to spread the word about the orphan crisis.  Our home church invited us to speak during this Sunday that is being acknowledged around the world as "Orphan Sunday."  If you haven't visited, please do!  It's not just about one Sunday, it's about the precious lives of God's children, the orphan, and the help we can be to them.

Below are the notes for the message that God spoke to my heart to share with the church body today: 

Last year we shared during Orphan Sunday about the world-wide crisis with the statistics standing at 153 million orphans. But this year's numbers top 164 million children who are alone.  We want to lift them up this day, pray for them, and may God stir our hearts to love them like He does. 164 million- this number is over half the population of the entire US. 164 million- a growing number that is too often ignored or p…