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Ethiopia All Around Us

Pictures tell more than one thousand words, so I will let the pictures to the talking.  This is the Ethiopia that we saw all around us during our stay.  The roads are the ones we walked on.  The people are dear friends.  The shops we bought our bread and tea. The air was cool and damp. May what you see in this city begin to open your eyes to the beauty of life in Addis Ababa.

Miracles Happen

I can not begin to tell you the miracles we have witnessed over the last 17 days!  With steps of our faith in a mighty GOD we are blessed with the gracious gift of having our little boy home at last!!  Like Moses standing before the great Red Sea wondering what was going to happen next as the enemy's chariots and soldiers closed in to an uncomfortable range.  I'm sure that Moses cried out in a strong faith calling out to the Lord, "Now God!" as the Lord, and only in a timing that the Lord would be given all the glory, He parted the waters.  God's people walked on dry land and were rescued, not by man, but by God's hand.

With Ethiopia's court closing season, papers getting lost, mistakes, delays, rainy season - and the list goes on and on all rolling together to be the dust billowing up of the enemy closing in on us.  We faced the Red Sea, stepped our toes to the edge of the water and watched God MOVE the impossible!!  The same power that parted that Red…