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One Month Post Referral Update

These little toes belong to a very special little boy!!  We are all so excited when we get our weekly update photos of Tarik.  Tonight we were at the park when the e-mail came through.  Todd and I looked at our handsome little guy and soak in every little bit of him and his surroundings.  Then the kids came over and squealed with happiness to see their little bro.  Praise the Lord for a healthy report this week! 
This week we put up the crib!  As you can see, the kids helped out as Todd assembled the crib, once again. This crib has been used for all the children and here it goes up a fifth time!  We haven't quite narrowed down the nursery 'theme' or anything yet, but I just wanted to put the crib up already!  It definitely makes the news of  "a baby is coming" seem more real.  

One month has past since our first news of little Tarik.  We are happy for the communication that we have with our agency, and grateful for Tarik's good health reports over the past f…

Referral Updates and Photos

We have been very excited these last few weeks after getting our referral of a little boy from Ethiopia!  Thank you so very much for your prayers thus far and we are asking for continued prayers as there is still quite a journey yet ahead of us. 

Currently, from our agency, we are receiving weekly photos and an update report including his weight, height, and general health.

As our agency policy has it, and for good reason, we are not allowed to put his information or photo on the internet or any social media sources for the protection of the child and respect for his privacy.
I'm sure you all understand but are still dying to see his precious little self!!  I'll tell you one thing: he has brown eyes! LOL!

This week his health report was "good" and his photo was of him wearing a little girl's shirt.  He did look like a beauty! The foster home isn't too particular about gender typing the clothing.  If it fits, they wear it.  :)

Please continue to pray for l…