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Covered in Prayers!

We are ever so grateful for this Easter season as we reflect on the LOVE that God, our Father, has for us!  So much, He loves us, that He sent His son Jesus to rescue us from sin that separates us from joining with our Father in Heaven.  What a day to rejoice and celebrate the Jesus rose from the grave and conquered sin and death!!  A NEW LIFE given to those who believe so we may spend eternity with our Heavenly Father!  A family united!

On the Saturday before Easter Sunday we received a special letter in the mail that moves us forward in our adoption process!  The US Embassy letter that shows our case has been reviewed and passed investigations!!  SUCH. A. Great. DAY!!  We are thrilled and praising our God for making a way for our family to be united and for little Tarik to start his new life as a precious son!

Today we mailed out that letter that then gets some run-around here in the states before being sent to Ethiopia.   Next steps, court dates!!  The first court date will be s…