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Details, Details, and What Can We Do?

It's a girl!  Thank you for the excitement and prayers of joy for us as we announced our next adoption!

We have kept our finger on the pulse in the adoption world since bringing home our son, and all I can contribute finding out about this adoption is by the direction of God the Father.  He "places the lonely in families!" - Psalm 68:6 

I know that everyone is anxious to know more details, trust me, I know it's part of the excitement to hear the scoop! What I can say is that she is 7 years old and very petite.  She has brown eyes, brown curly hair, and beautiful brown skin.  Her smile is contagious and her eyes show that she is spunky inside of that tiny frame.  She loves to laugh and eat pie!

What I can't say is all of her story.  It's very complicated, emotionally complex, broken. And at her age of understanding all that is going on around her, well, it's her story and we want to respect that privacy for her.  While this is a time of joy and celebration, it is also stemming from a time of much hurt and pain that has brought this little girl to a position where she is need an immediate family.

So while we are VERY grateful for the joy and the questions, know that we are limited in what we can share.  SOON, and we are working diligently on the paperwork trail, we are going to be able to introduce her to you!

Please continue praying:
* for her healing and her adjustment to our family
* for our current children, Todd and I, as we adjust to a new member of the crew
* for all those who work with the paperwork to be swift and attentive to the timeliness needed
* and ultimately, for this little girl to give her heart to Jesus to take all her worries and troubles, to heal her, and make her complete.

WE DO NEED YOU to come along side of us in prayer!  PLEASE it is of utmost importance as we all know that the enemy does not want another soul to be loved in the name of Jesus.  Be warriors!

We do need help with the kiddos at home!  Please offer to have them over to play while we are stuck copying papers and running errands.  Offer to help drive them to practice, school, etc. Encourage them and when they need it, be a listening ear.

We do need help financially!  While this adoption is much less of a financial crunch than our last, we still could use some help!  Could we take out a loan?  Yep.  Could we ask our brothers and sisters in the Lord to come along side us and join in this ministry of orphan care? Yep.  IF you feel led, to help for the sake of the ministry that we are in the midst of with adoption, please, we would love to share this blessing with you and invite you to come along!  Our pay-pal link is on this blog and our Go Fund Me page is  Thank you!

We do need some clothes! If you have some girl clothes that are sizes 4t or 5t, would you consider passing on your hand-me-downs to us?  We have already passed on our girls clothes, so we need to reload for our new one.  Facebook message me and let me know.  Thank you!!

Again, thank you for your excitement! It makes this journey such a blessing when we know we have the support and love from our friends and family!!

Visit and "Like" our page on fb "One Sought Me" as it gets easier for me to post pics there and do updates rather than blogging in these busy days!



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