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Why didn't God ask me first? A tribute to the brave parents of terminally ill children

In loving tribute to the brave parents of terminally ill children, my friends.  Much love and continued prayers as you turn to the Lord for healing through difficult days. 

Dear Momma,

I love you so much.  I know you have prayed to me to be blessed with a child. I  hear your plea and I see how very much you desire this.  I know that you have hopes and dreams for her, for her future, and to watch her enter this world with happiness. I remember, even when you were a little girl, you you wanted to be a mother one day.  I know what you want.  Ultimately you want this child to be happy, safe, have a good life, be bold in her believes, and to watch her grow to stand strong for hope in a world that too often hurts.  I hear your heart and I want all those things and so much more for your child, and for you.  I love you more than you know!  It'd be my pleasure and great joy to bless you with a very, very special child.

But before I create a brand new and unique individual and intrust my precious creation to you to watch over on earth, I want to let you know what amazing plans I for her, and also for you.  Then, you can let me know if you are still willing to persue this prayer request.

Your daughter will be beautiful with eyes of bright blue.  She will be a happy girl, laughing often, and making others laugh with her.  Her smile will light up a room. What a high-spirited child she will be!  Full of creativity, energy, love for dance, cling to your hip, and a daddy's girl too.  She will be well liked amongst her peers and her friends' parents will be grateful for the positive influence that your daughter shared.  In her lifetime she will show her faith and spread the name of Jesus across the entire country and even to countries outside the U.S.  Boldly, she will fight for what is right, what is pure, what is true, what is lovely, and what is good in the broken world she entered.  All this yet she is humble and carries a lovable strength.  Your daughter will be a social media speaker reaching over four thousand people within the first 2 months of her site launch.  All this in the name of hope and ultimately pointing others to return to me, the Heavenly Father, in this shaken world.

Through her I will be able to touch thousands of lost souls who are desperately searching for answers. Their hearts will be turned and lives will be completely changed. Many will pray for the first time.  Oh, how we will rejoice together for their eternal destiny will forever be altered by the seed that your daugther planted in their hearts. Thousands will seek me more furfently than every before.  These other precious children of mine, will return to me and find the comfort, peace, and rescue that I long for them to know me to be. Some will find a church family to continue to grow in their faith. Some will dust off their Bibles and read it- something they haven't done in decades.  Others will be so inspired by your daugther that they are compelled to 'do something' and be 'doers' of the Word not just hearers.  Families will be drawn together as it will be aparent to them that everyday spent together is a joy not to be wasted since time is so fragile and precious. Promises will be kept. Marriages saved. Broken relationships reunited in the name of love.

I can promise you that your daughter will know joy and love to the fullest throughout her entire life. Never will she sucome to peer pressures to make a regretable decision.  She won't have a broken heart from bullies, embarassing moments, or the cute boy next door.  Her smile will always be contagious and her laugh alone will uplift your spirit.  Never will she be in a car accident, fail a class, or be the victim of abuse, robery, hate-crimes or worse.

There will be hardships, one in particular, but I will go before her and my followers will gather around her and your family to uphold you through this. I promise that I will provide for her and for you. I will never leave or turn my eyes from her. A community will join together to love and support your daugther like many have never seen.  Strangers will become friends and quiet spirits will become bold as they organize, and carry-out amazing acts of kindness.  I will strengthen them in ways they have never before felt.

This child, is going to touch thousands of lives.  People will come to their knees in prayer.  She will inspire people to reach out and be kind to others.  She will inspire strangers to join together and become encouragers of the faith.  People, my precious ones, will finally come to know me more deeply as I have so longed.

All this, my dear love, is what I have planned for your child.  All this influence, strength, hope, and  hundreds coming to know Jesus by the witness of your daugther and you, her family, will happen.  Remember, Eternity is everyone's destiny.  Either Eternity separated from me in a dark and horrid pit of Hell or an Eternity in my presence, reunited with me, the Father in glory, splendor and newness of life.  Oh how my heart breaks to have to be separated from my children. When sin entered the world, my heart sank.  I will do anything to have my children return to me and be safe eternally.  I love them so much that I even gave my son as a living sacrifice to gap the divide between man's sin and God.  That gap created by sin and the enemy.

Oh eternity.  I wish you could see it before you decide to accept this child.  She is so special to me. Amazing that all this I have laid out to you, will happen just after she turns 3 years old.  Then I'll call her home at this young age, for I will run to her and say, "well done my good and faithful servant.  In you I am well pleased."

Churches will be fuller.  Prayers will be stronger.  Lives will be changed in the perspective of which life is viewed.  Most importantly, eternity will be altered.

Will you consider being her mother? I made you for this task in life.  You are fully equiped and divinely prepared by my detailed handiwork when I first created you.  Will you do this?  Carry on the plan that I began in you? I just wanted to ask you first.



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